Hoarders House Clearance Glasgow

Question: Please advise for supporting family member with OCD hoarding symptoms. The patient is my cousin and a single parent in treatment and on meds for years. Home has become unsafe (doors blocked, etc.), and shame factor for child in home is extreme. She expresses helplessness and anger about addressing symptoms. Her mother was a … Read more

Hoarders House Clearance Birmingham

Question: “My recently deceased father was a hoarder. I am looking for a reputable house clearance service to clear his cluttered house. I wanted to ask what distinguishes true hoarding tendencies from tendencies toward laziness? Would it be realistic to think that someone could suffer from both?” Answer: Although a principle feature of hoarding is … Read more

Hoarders House Clearance Aberdeen

Question: My mother was a compulsive hoarder but sadly recentley passed away. 4 other of my family members are also compulsive hoarders. I don’t hoard, but I have a diagnosed impulse control disorder. Are there any studies being done that will explore the correlation of Impulse Control Disorders to hoarding and treatment methods? Also I … Read more

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