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Compulsive Hoarding House Clearance: Clearing A Hoarder's House
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Hoarded House Clearance Coventry Case Study:

Hello, My name is Alex, I have a hoarding problem in my house due to health problems that me and my husband have, we need your help.

We have a special needs adult son, who is temperamental, he has many old and new things that he has a lot of trouble parting with, we want our whole house cleared so that we can have a fresh start, and will remove any of ours and our sons personal belongings before the clearance is undertaken.

Can you please give me a quote, this is not a hoarders home that you cannot get through doors or use wash rooms etc, there is just a large amount of rubbish and mess everywhere, we want all furniture, appliances, and even carpets removed.

Due to our illnesses, and my sons special needs and routines, we would not be able to be present for the house clearance being undertaken, this would be too much for my son to deal with.

My home is in Coventry, I hope this is something you can help us with.

Thank you, Alex.

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Clearing a hoarder’s house?

The Cluttered House Clearance Company offer professional compulsive hoarding clearing services in the UK. Specialists in cluttered hoarder house clearance.

Call us now to discuss your situation, let us tell you how our service works.

The Cluttered House Clearance company are fully licensed with the UK environment agency (Environment Agency Waste Carrier License NO #: CBDU284870), we are also members of AFTA.ORG.UK the Anti Fly Tipping Association

Compulsive Hoarding House Clearance: Clearing A Hoarder's House

I just want to say a huge thank you to the cluttered house clearance specialists who cleared my great aunts extremely cluttered two bedroom town house in Lancaster last week. The team from Cluttered House Clearance have done an outstanding job, they worked really hard from start to finish. My aunt who was a compulsive hoarder in her day hoarded everything from magazines, clothing to bric a brac.

Hoarded House Clearance Coventry Case Study Continued:

We arranged with Alex to collect keys from a neighbour, Alex and her husband had already removed all personal belongings so that our team could go in and clear the rest.

Our team of five arrived at the property at 9am on the day, it took five hours in total to completely clear all rubbish, furniture, appliances and carpets.

The team started by clearing the hallway and lounge, rubbish and food waste covered the floors leaving a stench throughout the property, the carpets had been matted in grime, the furniture was sticky and falling apart, nothing could be salvaged to be reused.

Once the hallway and lounge were clear, the team moved onto the kitchen, removing the lino flooring, the kitchen appliances, they emptied all contents from the cupboards and drawers, and removed all rubbish and food waste that was piled up on the floors.

The team split into two to clear the bedrooms, removing all furniture, rubbish and carpets.

Once the bedrooms were cleared, the team finished off by clearing the bathroom and storage cupboards.

It took five hours in total with a team of five to completely clear the property, a huge amount of rubbish, furniture, appliances and carpets all went to recycling.

We sent Alex photographs of the empty property and returned the keys to the neighbour.

FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service…

FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service…

FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service…

FREE Hoarded House Clearance Asset Recovery Service…

Our pre house clearance asset recovery service is 100% FREE. If we find NOTHING in the property then we ourselves expect nothing, no charges, no fees. We only get paid if we locate items of value and of course if you ask us to undertake the actual clearance after the search has been completed.

Please take a minute or two to read our page about our FREE Hoarded Houses Clearance Asset Recovery Service.

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